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Our Pensions Committee is responsible for the control of the Fund and meets quarterly to consider all pension matters. The Committee has nineteen members. South Tyneside Council has legal responsibility for the Fund and nominates eight members, whilst the other five district councils within the Fund each nominate one member. The trades unions and the employers nominate three members each, who sit on the Committee in an advisory capacity.

Committee membership

The Committee has nineteen members.

South Tyneside Council nominates eight members and the other four district councils within the County area and Northumberland County Council nominate one member each. The trades unions and the employers collectively nominate three members each, who sit on the Committee in an advisory capacity.

The current term of the Committee runs from May 2023 to April 2024.

Elected Representatives

South Tyneside Council

Cllr Anne Walsh

Cllr Pat Hay

Cllr James Foreman

Cllr Joyce Welsh

Cllr Ken Dawes

Cllr David Herbert

Cllr Paul Milburn

Cllr Jay Potts

Other Councils

Cllr Hugh Kelly, Gateshead Council

Cllr Gary Haley, Gateshead Council (substitute)

Cllr Paul Frew, Newcastle Council

Cllr Veronica Dunn, Newcastle Council (substitute)

Cllr Willie Samuel, North Tyneside Council

Cllr Tommy Mulvenna, North Tyneside Council (substitute)

Cllr Richard R Dodd, Northumberland County Council

Cllr Colin R Hardy, Northumberland County Council (substitute)

Cllr Sean Laws, Sunderland City Council

Cllr John Price, Sunderland City Council (substitute)

Members' Representatives

Lorraine Brown, Unison

John Kelly, Unite

Janet Green, Unison

Employers' Representatives

Jamie Hardy, Nexus

Jeremy Cook, Gateshead College

Carolyn Wallace, Bernicia

More information

Members of the Pensions Committee can be contacted through the Pensions Helpline by emailing

You can find out more about the Committee in the South Tyneside Council: Councillors and committee meetings.