The regulations that govern the Local Government Pension Scheme require that the Tyne and Wear Pension Fund prepares and maintains a written Investment Strategy Statement (ISS) setting out the decisions that have been taken on the Fund's investment policies.

The ISS is intended to provide evidence that the Fund has considered the suitability of its investment policies and the approach to implementing those policies.

The Regulations require the Fund's ISS to cover the following areas:

  • The suitability of particular investments and types of investments
  • Investment of money in a wide variety of investments
  • The approach to risk, including the ways in which risks are to be measured and managed
  • The approach to pooling investments, including the use of collective investment vehicles and shared services
  • How social, environmental or corporate governance considerations are taken into account in the selection, non-selection, retention and realisation of investments
  • The exercise of rights (including voting rights) attaching to investments

The ISS includes a section on the six principles of decision making for occupational pension schemes and a schedule of the Fund's investment beliefs, in addition to the areas required by the Regulations.

View the Pension Fund's Investment Strategy Statement

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