Scheme booklets and forms


CARE65 application for early payment of benefits - Application for Early Payment of Pension Benefits to be used by members with deferred benefits

Death Grant Nomination - booklet and form - Information about the LGPS death grant and how to make a nomination. The Death Grant Nomination form to be completed is included

CARE22c form - Election to join the LGPS 50/50 section

CARE11 form - Election to opt In LGPS

CARE22d form - Election to re-join the LGPS main section

CARE88 - Opt out form - Notice to Opt Out of LGPS Pension Savings

Pen22 Non UK bank form (PDF) [184KB]  - Request for pension to be paid directly to a foreign bank account

Transfer form A - Form giving a member's authorisation to their previous pension provider to supply information to LGPS

Transfer form B - Form to request transfer information from a previous pension provider outside of LGPS

Transfer form C - Form to request interfund information from a previous LGPS fund

Transfer form D - Employer's consent to extend the 12 month time limit for transfer of previous pension rights